Roview 2 VS CCTV crawler: which one to choose?

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The inspection of pipes and other underground infrastructures is essential for the maintenance of wastewater, sewer and distribution systems. Two professional technologies stand out in this field: the CCTV crawler and the Roview 2. While both devices have their advantages, the Rover has several significant strengths that make it a superior choice for many applications.


1. Price

Cost is often a determining factor when purchasing inspection equipment, and the Roview 2 stands out for its excellent value for money. At just €16,500, it represents the only turnkey solution available at this price, offering an economical option without compromising on performance and reliability. This attractive price positioning makes the Roview 2 a highly competitive option on the market.


2. Image quality

Image quality is crucial for accurate and efficient inspection. The Roview 2 is equipped with a high-resolution 4K camera that delivers exceptional image clarity, enabling even the smallest defects in pipes to be detected. CCTV crawler, with the same resolution, will never achieve the same video quality, not least because lighting is often inadequate.


3. Buoyancy

A unique feature of Roview 2 is its buoyancy capability. This feature is particularly useful in environments where pipes are partially or completely submerged. The Rover is a machine that can easily navigate on water, reducing the risk of blockages and guaranteeing continuous inspection. CCTV crawler, on the other hand, are not equipped to access submerged areas, which again represents a definite constraint on inspection.


4. Wireless range

The Roview 2 offers a range equivalent to that of CCTV crawler, while being totally autonomous, with no need to be plugged in. This energy independence gives it greater freedom during inspections, enabling it to be used more flexibly and conveniently in a variety of conditions.


5. Easier access to certain sites

Thanks to its compact, maneuverable design, the Roview2 enables access to hard-to-reach sites without the need for heavy logistics. It's perfectly possible to work on roadside manholes, for example, without having to block traffic. As the CCTV crawler is always accompanied by an intervention van, it is automatically obliged to block the road for the duration of the operation. A significant constraint for companies or local authorities requiring these inspections.

6. Weight and ergonomics

The light weight of the Roview 2 is particularly advantageous for transport and work in confined spaces. It combines all the features needed for complete inspections, offering a flexible solution without compromising performance. Weighing in at just 4 kilos, it's an ideal ally for delicate operations.


7. Crossing capability

The Roview 2 also stands out for its crossing capacity. It can overcome obstacles such as debris, roots or faulty joints with remarkable ease. CCTV crawler, on the other hand, may be more limited in their ability to navigate such obstacles, considerably reducing its usefulness in rough environments, for example.


8. Quick set-up

Preparation and set-up time is another advantage of Roview 2. Thanks to its intuitive design, it can be up and running in record time, enabling the operator to start inspections quickly and efficiently. CCTV crawler may require more complex configurations and adjustments before they can be used.


9. Easy to use

Finally, the Roview 2 is renowned for its ease of use. Its intuitive user interface and simple controls enable operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the equipment, reducing training time and increasing productivity.



To sum up, the Roview 2 is a French robot that stands out from the CCTV crawler in a number of crucial respects: acquisition cost, image quality, buoyancy, reach, accessibility, size, crossing capacity, speed of implementation and ease of use. For efficient, high-quality inspections in any environment, the Roview 2 is without doubt the optimal choice.

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