Multinnov at EDF

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Steve Boulanger, Paluel's drone coordinator and remote pilot since 2020, accompanied by Antoine Meric, remote pilot at Multinnov, were able to give a demonstration of the Stereo2, recently acquired by the Paluel nuclear power plant, which now has two of its own.
All the nuclear power plants are gradually equipping themselves with UAVs so that they can carry out the inspections they need to ensure that their various pieces of equipment are working properly, while at the same time protecting the safety of those involved. As a result, we have been able to supply several nuclear power plants with our Stereo2 drone.

The Stereo2 is currently the drone with the best value for money. Its stability makes it perfectly suited to confined spaces.
Unlike outdoor drones, the stereo2 is not stabilised by GPS, but by a stereoscopic camera. This camera creates a set of coordinates so that the drone can find its bearings in space. As a result, the drone is stabilised more accurately than with a GPS chip. As a result, even if the drone is jostled, it always returns to the given point, giving it unrivalled stability. The remote pilot can therefore concentrate fully on his inspection.



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