Roview in Vietnam

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The Vietnamese company ILTECH had the opportunity to perform an inspection with the ROView in a typical Asian sewer. The two hours operation allowed the company to control the anomalies present in the sewer such as cracks in the walls, plugs, or leaks.

The anomalies were made visible thanks to the innovative technology of the ROView, which, thanks to its lightweight and wireless communication, allows the sewer to be viewed from an unprecedented angle.

With the ROView's capability, the inspection was effective in detecting anomalies within the sewers. The inspection, which takes less time than a pedestrian inspection, saved countless hours for ILTECH recently.



Inspection with ROView has eliminated the need for ILTECH to use sewage workers, thereby eliminating human risk. Human intervention in sewers has many drawbacks as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a dangerous gas for humans as it is a fast-acting poison that impacts many body systems.

Naturally present in sludge and deposits in pipes, hydrogen sulfide is released into the air during mixing. The Stereo2 and the ROView, because of their weight, are not involved in the mixing of sludge and therefore encounter pockets of H2S, a corrosive, toxic, highly flammable gas that is fatal if inhaled. It is therefore crucial to carry out inspections with ROView in order to avoid a maximum of risks.



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