Using the Roview 2 in sewage pipes

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Sewerage networks and their inner workings are complex, and in this article, we take a look at two facets of this special environment. Firstly, visitable pipes, safe routes that allow specialists to work in complete safety. Secondly, there are the so-called "non-visitable" pipes, where dimensional and legal constraints defy any attempt at human inspection.


Even though most underground drainage and sewerage infrastructures are now accessible to human inspection, the latter remains costly and risky.

Multinnov offers the perfect solution for these environments. The Roview2 is the ideal tool for all pipe inspections, with or without the presence of water, and especially for non-cleaned networks. Among other things, it can float, which is not insignificant for this type of operation.


Visitable pipes:


For most visitable networks, it is imperative to put in place extremely strict safety measures. These include appropriate staff training, the use of suitable personal protective equipment, monitoring of the overall environment and the establishment of inspection protocols.

Pipes are generally sized so that they are accessible to someone wishing to carry out an inspection. This means that the pipes are large enough in diameter to allow a human being to pass through, or that they are equipped with specific entrances such as manholes or access shafts.

Nowadays, this is becoming very restrictive and more complicated to carry out, requiring major operations and thus multiplying the risk of accidents.


Non-accessible pipes:


Non-visitable pipelines are isolated or underwater underground conduits designed without direct access for inspection. Below a certain diameter, human inspection is prohibited by law to ensure their safety.

These confined environments are generally places where humans cannot gain access, particularly when the pipes become far too dangerous, or require special measures and procedures for reasons of safety or efficiency.

Multinnov is now able to offer an effective solution such as ROVIEW 2 to avoid these constraints.



The Roview 2 is a French terrestrial drone that can spot and identify potential problems in confined environments, thereby reducing the risks associated with traditional practices, which are usually found in work on pipes that can be visited.

It's a tool that moves easily in all kinds of environments, including nuclear, chemical, marine and underground geological formations. This machine is an ideal alternative that avoids major operations and concretely reduces the risk of accidents, simplifies the work and lowers the costs.


Today, Multinnov is serving industry by offering innovative, technological and practical systems like the Roview 2 at attractive prices. This robot is designed to carry out dangerous tasks, replacing traditional methods to meet our customers' needs and improve safety in industrial and confined spaces.


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