A Stereo2 demonstration for ACCUTEST!

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Our telepilot had the opportunity to demonstrate the Stereo2 technology in the UK to inspect a tank. The Stereo2's 12 minute battery life is ideal for getting quality inspection feedback. With perfect spatial stabilisation, 12,000 lumens and full HD 1080p video feedback, Stereo2 is able to detect anomalies within the inspected environment.

The Stereo2's characteristics allow it to carry out inspections in any field of activity and in various environments: pipes, sewers, tanks, chimneys, etc. To improve its safety during flights, Stereo2 is equipped with a protective cage, a collision tolerant behaviour and an active protection by sensors

"After" the inspection

Following the demonstration, videos and photos are available in 4K and can be used for photogrammetry and 3D modelling purposes.

More information about ACCUTEST: https://accutest-int.com


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