Inspection of confined space

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A company that saves time on these inspections!
Multinnov had the opportunity to meet CERENE SERVICE, a company located in Épernay. Specialized in the construction of new infrastructures, CERENE contacted us to perform an inspection inside a pipe with our "Roview2" rolling solution.

Technology in various environments
Roview2 was able to inspect this confined space thanks to the different technologies that make it up, such as its 2-hour autonomy, its 12,000 lumens, its wireless connection, its waterproofing and also its full-HD video return on the radio control, which allows the pilot to better understand the inspection!
After the inspection, our pilot transferred the videos in 4K on a computer in order to visualize the inspection and to identify the anomalies within the inspected pipe.



Multinnov is committed to bringing you the best solution
CERENE SERVICE is a company that today trusts us for our technological solutions but also for our ability to meet their needs whatever the environment. Multinnov is able to intervene in arid but also humid environments with these two solutions; the solution chosen during your inspections is adapted to the inspection and particularly to your needs!


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