Revolutionize oil and gas inspection with our technologies.

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An oil site needs to be thoroughly inspected, but finding the right tools and partners to do the job is complicated.Multinnov also offers innovative solutions for oil and gas environments, perfectly suited to this type of inspection.

In the complex field of oil and gas inspection, safety, precision and efficiency are paramount. At Multinnov, we understand what's at stake.

Every critical infrastructure inspection requires a meticulous approach and cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth, safe operations. That's where our solutions come in, offering a comprehensive response to the challenges encountered in this crucial field.


- The Stereo2

Compact flying drone, equipped with a protective cage and powerful lighting, enabling it to reach places that are difficult or impossible to access by other means.


- Roview2

A light, maneuverable machine on wheels that can negotiate obstacles with ease. It enables access to rough or cluttered areas.


Increased safety

Safety is at the heart of all operations in the oil and gas industry, and our drones help to reinforce this priority. Our solution harnesses cutting-edge technologies to ensure the protection of workers, facilities and the environment. By reducing the need for personnel to travel to high-risk areas, our drones help minimize accidents and maintain a safe and secure working environment on oil and gas sites.

Unrivalled accuracy

Accuracy is a key factor when it comes to inspecting infrastructures at risk, and our solutions are there to meet this requirement. Thanks to technologies such as high-resolution imaging, we provide precise data that gives a detailed view of the condition of equipment. This information enables intervention teams to make informed decisions and plan maintenance operations efficiently. The result is a significant reduction in unplanned downtime and unexpected repair costs. Our technology solutions thus provide an essential tool for ensuring the reliability and durability of critical infrastructures, while maintaining high safety standards.


Optimized efficiency

By combining high-tech sensors, powerful software and an intuitive user interface, our drones revolutionize the inspection process. Inspections that used to take days can now be carried out in a matter of hours, saving enormous amounts of time and resources. This significant reduction in the time needed to carry out inspections enables teams to concentrate on other critical tasks, optimizing overall productivity. Thanks to our drones, companies can reduce business interruptions while ensuring a high level of accuracy and reliability. The result is an overall improvement in operational efficiency.



Our products offer much more than just an inspection tool; they represent a transformation in the way oil and gas inspections are carried out. By combining safety, accuracy and efficiency, they enable companies to meet the complex challenges of this sector with confidence. Don't let critical infrastructure management get in the way of your operations. Choose our technologies and pave the way for a safer, more reliable and more profitable future.

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