Inspection in a cement plant.

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Alphascan recently had the opportunity to carry out an inspection with Multinnov's Stereo2 in a cement plant in France. More specifically, the inspection took place in a forced-air duct, a demanding environment characterised by a large amount of suspended dust and disturbed airflow.

Despite these environmental challenges, the Stereo2 proved its efficiency by successfully completing its mission. This intervention once again underlines the reliability of Multinnov technologies, even in difficult conditions.

It is important to emphasise the need for this type of intervention, as it enables industrial companies, such as cement works, to maintain their operations safely.

Regular inspections such as those carried out by Stereo 2 contribute directly to preventing incidents and ensuring optimum working conditions.

Cost reduction is an essential aspect of this state-of-the-art approach. By minimising inspection time, companies can make savings in terms of manpower, equipment downtime and the resources needed to carry out these operations.


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