Chimney Inspection

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Multinnov recently worked on an iconic chimney in Nice. Visible from the north of the city with its height of 86m. The outer shell, visible to all, protects three internal chimneys. The purpose of the inspection, which lasted 4 hours, was to check for possible anomalies inside the chimneys in a preventive manner.


Intervene in a team of 2 people. The installation of the Stereo2 was atypical. Usually, chimney inspections are more done from the bottom but here, the access was blocked. The operators were forced to set up the drone from the other access of the chimney, the roof.

The difficulty was accessing the roof of the chimney with all the equipment. This is where the compact size of the Stereo2 made the difference. Allowing to carry it, in the very narrow access ladders to the top of the chimney.



The use of the STEREO2 made it possible to avoid having to use rope access technicians who would have had to work under protective masks or even SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), or to erect scaffolding. The inspection time was therefore much shorter than with traditional methods.


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