Challenges of inspecting a cement plant

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Inspection drones are very useful tools, despite the constraints associated with the environments to be inspected. In the case of a cement plant, here are some of the challenges:


1- Dust : this is a major problem in industrial environments such as cement factory because it pollutes the image and complicates inspection. Stereo2's lighting makes this dust imperceptible.


2- Tight spaces: Cement plants are often characterised by complex arrangements of equipment and structures, which makes navigation difficult for drones. Accurate stabilisation is crucial to enable drones to get close to surfaces and analyse them correctly, despite the space constraints.


Despite these challenges, there are several significant advantages using drones in cement plants, including:


1- Elimination of human risk: Sending a drone into these potentially dangerous environments eliminates health risks for workers.


2- Faster, digitised intervention: Drones can carry out inspections much more quickly than traditional methods, saving companies time and providing real-time data on the condition of installations.



3- Reduced inspection costs: by automating and speeding up the inspection process, drones can help reduce the costs associated with facility maintenance. These costs can be reduced by a factor of around 5.



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