Fly in cave with the CNRS

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The CNRS opened its doors at the beginning of November in order to exchange on the drone needs that speleologists may encounter in confined spaces. The event, organized by the MSK laboratory, was held in Moulis (Ariège).

On this occasion, Multinnov met with many technical and scientific professionals. The goal of this meeting was to formalize the needs for the recording of data by drone in caves/caverns in order to make 3D reconstruction of the volumes.



During this event, Multinnov demonstrated the capabilities of Stereo2 in natural environments. With its lighting capacity of 12,000 lumens, the drone was able to move through the different rooms with ease. The advantage for the researchers is that it allows them to easily analyze the cave walls without having to concentrate on piloting, all with a live Full HD video return.

The demonstration inside the cave allowed the telepilot to highlight the optical stabilization system as well as the reduced size of the Stereo2. The protective cage allows contact with the walls so it can bounce back and continue the inspection.


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